A Systematic Literature Review of the Adverse Childhood Experiences of Immigrants and Refugees.

Mobile therapist (an effective response the current educational crisis of the children with Disability in Afghanistan).

Completed projects and selected training workshops

NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Washington, D.C. USA, The Future of Education in Afghanistan: Trauma-Informed Healing and Empowerment. Poster presented on 2023.

Alternative Paths Training School & Programs, Virginia, USA. Differentiating
Instruction to meet the needs of all students in an inclusive setting. Two-day workshop presented on 2022.

The International Healthy Family Connections Summit, Pennsylvania, USA. Presented a talk on Creating a positive school culture in the midst of a traumatic environment, 2021.

Enable Child Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan. Introduction to special education and teaching student with Special Need. One week workshop presented on 2021.

TEDx Lehigh University, presented talk on the role of perspective talking in our life, 2019.

International Labor Organization conference at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, presented on Future of Special Education in Afghanistan. 2019.

U.S. embassy Kabul, Afghanistan. Presented a training on Current condition and
future potential of special education at Afghanistan, 2018.

Sayed Jamaluddin training college, Kabul, Afghanistan. Presented a training on Daily life skill assessment and improvement for children with visual impairment, 2017.

Kabul Education University, Kabul, Afghanistan. Completed the “One step toward independency” action research project design for teaching organization and mobility skills for Kabul Education University female student who has visual impartment, 2016.