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Rehabilitation of Children with Visual Impairment

Date: June 2017
Event: Presentation presented at the Department of Psychology and Education of Children with Visual Impairment
Location: Kabul Education University, Afghanistan

In June 2017, I delivered a presentation titled “Rehabilitation of Children with Visual Impairment” at Kabul Education University in Afghanistan. This presentation focused on strategies and best practices for supporting the rehabilitation and educational needs of children with visual impairments.

During the session, we discussed specialized techniques for assessment, intervention, and educational support tailored to the unique challenges faced by children with visual impairments. Participants engaged in interactive discussions and practical demonstrations to enhance their understanding and skills in providing inclusive education and rehabilitation services.

The presentation at Kabul Education University was an opportunity to collaborate with educators, specialists, and students dedicated to improving the quality of life and educational outcomes for children with visual impairments in Afghanistan. It was inspiring to witness the commitment and passion of participants in embracing inclusive practices and advocating for equal access to education.

Thank you for following my journey in supporting inclusive education and rehabilitation services. Stay tuned for more updates on my recent activities and future initiatives!

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