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Creating a Positive School Culture in the Midst of a Traumatic Environment

Date: March 2021
Event: International Healthy Family Connections Summit
Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


In March 2021, I presented at the International Healthy Family Connections Summit in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The presentation, titled “Creating a Positive School Culture in the Midst of a Traumatic Environment,” focused on strategies for fostering a supportive and resilient school culture, especially in challenging circumstances.


During my talk, I discussed the impact of trauma on students and the school community, emphasizing the need for trauma-informed practices. We explored practical approaches to creating a safe and nurturing environment that promotes emotional and academic growth. Key topics included building strong relationships, implementing restorative practices, and providing mental health support.


The summit provided an excellent platform for sharing insights and connecting with professionals dedicated to improving family and school dynamics. It was an enriching experience to contribute to the dialogue on how schools can serve as a haven for students facing traumatic experiences.


I look forward to sharing more about my ongoing work and upcoming events. Stay tuned for further updates!

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