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Introduction to Special Education

Date: June 2021
Event: Two-Day Workshop
Location: Enable Child Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan

In June 2021, I conducted a two-day workshop at Enable Child Afghanistan in Kabul. The workshop, titled “Introduction to Special Education,” aimed to provide foundational knowledge and practical strategies for educators working with children who have special needs.

Throughout the sessions, participants were introduced to key concepts in special education, including individualized education plans (IEPs), inclusive practices, and the importance of early intervention. We engaged in interactive activities and discussions to deepen understanding and share best practices.

This workshop was a significant step towards building capacity among educators in Afghanistan, empowering them to better support children with special needs. It was inspiring to witness the commitment and enthusiasm of the participants as they embraced new learning and prepared to implement inclusive strategies in their classrooms.

Thank you for following my journey in promoting inclusive education. More updates on my recent activities and future training sessions will be posted soon!

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