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Strategies to Support Families and Refugee Students in Public Schools

Date: January 2024
Event: One-Day Workshop
Location: Respect Graduate School, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States of America

In February 2024, I had the privilege of conducting a one-day workshop titled “Strategies to Support Families and Refugee Students in Public Schools” at Respect Graduate School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This workshop aimed to equip educators and community stakeholders with effective strategies to support the integration and academic success of refugee students and their families in public school settings.

During the workshop, participants explored practical approaches to foster cultural sensitivity, provide trauma-informed support, and promote inclusive practices. We engaged in interactive discussions and activities to enhance understanding and collaboration among educators, administrators, and community members involved in supporting refugee families.

The workshop at Respect Graduate School was a valuable opportunity to contribute to efforts aimed at creating welcoming and supportive environments for refugee students in Pennsylvania. It was inspiring to witness the dedication of participants in enhancing educational outcomes and fostering social inclusion for refugee families.

Thank you for following my journey in advocating for refugee education and inclusive practices. Stay tuned for more updates on my recent activities and upcoming initiatives!

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